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ECOWISE™ packaging and ink coatings

The Packaging and inks industry is transforming in response to the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly, versatile alternatives. allnex aims to create high-performance coatings and inks resins that not only meet functionality and aesthetic needs, but also minimize environmental impact.

With ECOWISE™ CHOICE, allnex is paving the way for a more circular economy with sustainable solutions that reduce waste, minimize substances of concern and have a lesser impact on recyclability. This is a testament to allnex’s commitment to pursuing a more sustainable future, aligning with the stringent environmental, health, and safety requirements of the industry​.

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Sustainability benefits

At allnex, our ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio is focused on sustainability and improving the circular economy. We target a wide range of applications, substrates and terchnologies. These premium products meet key industry standards and contribute to sustainability through energy efficiency, waste reduction and the use of bio content.

Our commitment goes beyond compliance, focusing on minimizing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), reducing waste and maximizing energy efficiency. The ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio symbolizes a harmonious blend of quality and environmental responsibility, reflecting allnex’s dedication to innovation and excellence.

  • Reduced air emissions

  • Safer materials

  • Energy efficiency

  • Circular, low carbon footprint

  • Bio content

What sustainable alternatives can transform your business?


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Paper and board

Our ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio offers paper and board coating resin solutions that merge environmental responsibility with industry-leading quality. These products are formulated to ensure sustainability and recyclability, while maintaining exceptional performance.

Flexible packaging

When it comes to flexible packaging, our ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio provides solutions that not only meet the high-performance requirements of the industry but also align with the circular economy model. These innovative solutions minimize substances of concern, reduce waste and promote recyclability, while maintaining optimal end-use performance.

Metal packaging

For metal packaging, our portfolio offers innovative coating solutions that are designed to minimize environmental impact while ensuring high-quality output. These coatings are formulated to provide superior protection and aesthetics, while significantly reducing air emissions and promoting energy efficiency.

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Packaging and ink coating technologies

The allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio presents cutting-edge solutions for packaging and inks applications. These advanced technologies encompass powder coating resins like CRYLCOAT®, waterborne resins such as DAOTAN®, and radiation curable resins exemplified by EBECRYL®. Aligning with stringent global standards, these products cater to the rising demand for sustainable alternatives in the packaging and inks industry. Explore these technologies to discover the optimal fit for your application!

Application Technology

Powder coating

Powder coating technology offers numerous environmental benefits, including the absence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). It also has the advantage of reduced waste through the potential for 100% powder usage. One example is CRYLCOAT® 2857-5, a food contact compliant, hydroxy functional polyester resin for metal/glass packaging.

Application Technology

Radiation curable

Radiation curable resins, such as EBECRYL® 820, are ideal for inkjet inks and flexography inks. They deliver exceptional performance while meeting industry sustainability requirements. They offer benefits such as high gloss potential, abrasion resistance and increased pigment loading. This contributes to both the visual appeal and durability of the final product whilst meeting goals for energy efficiency and renewable sourcing.

Application Technology


allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE range offers waterborne resins, such as DAOTAN® TW 6450/30WA. This provides excellent water resistance, improved flexibility and higher adhesion to plastics​​. These technologies align with the sustainability goals of the industry, offering a lower environmental footprint, without compromising on overall performance..

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