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The choice of coatings and resins plays a crucial role in promoting environmental responsibility. Our products are developed to address the stringent sustainability needs within the building and decorative coatings market. Despite the relatively small fraction of building materials constituted by paints and coatings, their influence on a building’s sustainability is substantial.

The ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio is an embodiment of allnex’s continued efforts to develop green technologies that enhance indoor air quality, promote healthier living spaces and prolong the lifespan of buildings. ECOWISE™ CHOICE truly represents a premium offering grounded in sustainability and performance.

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Sustainability benefits

Coatings in the building and decorative applications sector have a profound impact on both indoor air quality. It’s critical that coatings minimize harmful emissions and contribute to a circular, low carbon economy through solutions that optimize material and energy efficiency, curb consumption and enhance product longevity.

The ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio prioritizes these aspects, emphasizing the use of sustainable raw materials, including resins with renewable or recycled content, further reinforcing its commitment to a more sustainable future.

  • Air quality

  • Durability

  • Energy efficiency

  • Reduced paint consumption

  • Circular, low carbon footprint

What sustainable alternatives can transform your business?


Sustainable solutions for all building and decorative applications.

Aluminium extrusions

ECOWISE™ CHOICE includes products such as CRYLCOAT® 4420-0 and CRYLCOAT® 4655-2 which are polyester-based powder coating resins used for architectural aluminium extrusions. These products provide a range of benefits including the ability to create matte dry blend superdurable systems, fast curing, improved blooming resistance, outdoor durability and reactivity.

Broad walls

The ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio from allnex includes SETAQUA® ECO 4008 and SETAQUA® ECO 4021, both tailored for interior broad wall applications. These waterborne acrylic emulsion technologies offer key features such as exceptional stain resistance, low odor, and a wide formulating window, making them a sustainable and effective choice for broad wall coatings.

Exterior general metal

Environmentally friendly soloutions for general metal applications include powder coatings such as CRYLCOAT® 4642-3. These saturated polyester powder coatings provide significant waste reduction due to their reusability, emit negligible VOCs due to the absence of solvents and offer enhanced energy efficiency. Moreover, their notable durability decreases the frequency of recoats, further reducing their overall environmental impact.


allnex offers a wide range of ECOWISE™ CHOICE products, with exceptional eco-friendly alternatives, for the industrial wood industry. Applications include decorative wood, flooring and trim/joinery. Please see our industrial wood coatings page for more details.

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Building and decorative coating technologies

The allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE range brings forward innovative solutions for building and decorative applications. These advanced technologies include powder coatings resins, waterborne solutions and formaldehyde-free crosslinking solutions. These products align with stringent global standards and respond to the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives. Explore these technologies to discover the best fit for your application!

Application Technology

Formaldehyde free solutions

Formaldehyde-free solutions represent a significant stride in the direction of safer, sustainable materials. These products support a safe and sustainable working environment, without compromising on performance or longevity.

Application Technology

Powder coating

Employed notably in metal applications, powder coatings present a green substitute to conventional liquid finishes. These coatings demonstrate superior resilience, deliver a top-tier finish and reduce waste. Innovations in low-temperature curing resins further boost energy efficiency and allow for applications on heat sensitive substrates such as wood and MDF.

Application Technology


By employing water as a solvent, these waterborne coatings contribute to improving indoor air quality and foster healthier living spaces. Waterborne solutions are sustainable options for various building applications, providing high-performance properties including good hardness, excellent adhesion and superior resistance.

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