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Industrial wood coatings

ECOWISE™ industrial wood coatings

As the need for environmentally friendly solutions grows in the industrial wood sector, choosing the right coatings for industrial wood has become increasingly important.

The allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE range offers an exceptional eco-friendly alternative, delivering high performance and environmental advantages. We will explore various applications and technologies within the allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE range, focusing on their benefits and sustainability advantages.

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Sustainability benefits

Industrial wood coatings are often used on products for indoor use, so the coating directly influences air quality and exposure to harmful chemicals. With increasing demand for circular and a low carbon footprint, solutions that improve material and energy efficiency, reduce consumption and enhance durability are essential.

ECOWISE™ CHOICE focuses on these factors while also considering sustainable raw materials, such as coating resins with renewable or recycled content.

  • Air quality
  • Durability

  • Material efficiency

  • Energy efficiency

  • Circular, low carbon footprint

What sustainable alternatives can transform your business?


Sustainable solutions for durability, protection and aesthetics. For all industrial wood applications.

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The allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE range offers environmentally friendly furniture coating solutions for both indoor and outdoor furniture. These coatings not only protect and enhance the appearance of your furniture but also contribute to a more sustainable future. The use of topcoat and primer/basecoat systems ensures long-lasting protection and visual appeal. By choosing these innovative coatings, you can maintain the durability and aesthetics of your furniture while promoting environmental responsibility. Discover how allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE coatings can revolutionize your furniture business.

Wood flooring

Eco-friendly wood flooring coatings from the allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE range offer unmatched hardness and blocking resistance. These fast-drying coatings promote increased productivity and energy efficiency, making them the ideal choice for industrial wood flooring applications. By utilizing safer materials in the coating resins and reducing emissions, your business can contribute to a greener future. Experience the benefits of allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE industrial wood flooring coatings firsthand.


The allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE industrial wood range features high-performance industrial coating resins designed for wood trim and joinery applications. These coatings provide exceptional durability and protection, ensuring long-lasting and visually appealing wood surfaces across various industrial settings. By choosing allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE coatings for your trim and joinery projects, you can make a positive environmental impact. Contact our experts today to explore our eco-friendly solutions for your business!

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Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can benefit greatly from the use of allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE products. With a focus on sustainability, these products offer exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact. The portfolio supports customers in meeting eco-label requirements like UL GREENGUARD and Nordic Swan. By choosing ECOWISE™ CHOICE products, manufacturers can create kitchen cabinets that are both eco-friendly and durable.

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Industrial wood coating technologies

Industrial wood coatings from the allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE range utilize cutting-edge technologies. These revolutionary developments include lower curing temperatures for powder coatings resins, waterborne UV solutions and oil modified acrylics. Each technology offers unique sustainability benefits without compromising on quality or performance. By aligning with global regulations and our sustainable development goals, they cater to the growing demand for green alternatives. Find out which technologies are best for you!

Application Technology

Oil modified acrylic

Oil modified acrylic coatings offer versatile solutions for interior and exterior decorative wood applications. They can be used as topcoats or basecoats, ensuring long-lasting protection and an attractive finish. They are durable, resistant and easy to apply.

Application Technology

Powder Coating

Powder coatings for wood and MDF are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional liquid coatings. Our latest developments in low temperature curing powder coating resins offer excellent durability, a high-quality finish and minimal waste.

Application Technology


Waterborne coatings from the allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE range provide close to zero VOC emissions, meeting regulatory demands worldwide. These coatings offer excellent durability, protection, and aesthetics, making them suitable for various wood surfaces in industrial wood applications.

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